About this blog

I’ve decided to create a blog for myself.

I love TV and I like challenging myself to watch shows that I’m not familiar with or that I wouldn’t normally watch left to my own devices. I also like to write, but lately I haven’t had much of an excuse to do so. So, enter WordPress. I’m giving myself a reason to do both, to find shows to enjoy and to flex my writing muscles to talk about what I like, what I didn’t, and what makes a good show.

My plan for this blog, which I’m sure will change shortly after I begin, is to watch and write about the first episode of a series or season, and then follow it up with a review of the entire series/season to see how it stacked up to my first impression. My hope is to do this in real time, but given we’re at the end of a pretty big TV season now, it may be a bit before I really find a rhythm.

Read if you like, I’m doing this mostly for practice. Maybe one day someone will pay me to write TV show recaps for what I assume is a crowded and un-lucrative field. But a guy can dream. 🙂

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